reposition pic on facebook page for more interaction

Facebook has launched a new set of tools that will help the pictures look better on your page, which will help them get more likes, comments and interaction.

When you post a picture now, you will see extra options in the drop-down menu to the right.

A better Facebook picture crop

The new option is to move the photo. Click reposition photo and a move tool will appear on your picture below. Move the image within the space allowed to get the best look.

reposition pic on facebook page for more interaction

How to highlight posts on Facebook

My favorite is highlight post. This will display your image across the Facebook page on desktop versions of your page.

highlight pic on facebook for more interaction

These tricks won’t make a lick of difference to how it looks on mobile and it only appears this way on your page, which few people visit a second time.

It is, however, a great way to make your page look amazing for those who come to it fresh. People are much more likely to click like on a page that is dynamic, active and looks good.