Producing online news is a fast-paced job that involves snap judgement, a holistic view of news elements, special skills and an excellent eye for detail.

What skills are needed?

Though you’re most often working in a team, it’s always a small team and time is paramount. Digital producers need:

  • Excellent sub-editing skills.
  • The ability to graft stories together and rewrite quickly.
  • Image-editing concepts and experience.
  • Social media knowledge and networks.
  • Understanding of search engine optimization.
  • Working knowledge of content management systems.

How is the work changing?

Newsrooms are becoming increasingly digital. Journalists are now often expected to source and produce:

  • Reports and updates.
  • Opinion pieces.
  • Image galleries.
  • Video interviews and reports.
  • Social media promotion pieces.
  • Visual information like infographics and maps.

Why is an eye for detail important?

  • Once it’s on the internet, it could be there forever – and internationally accessible.
  • Fact-checking and sub-editing processes are cut down for online.
  • Time pressures are paramount. Seconds matter.

For online news examples, seeĀ Lyndal Cairns’ digital journalism portfolio.