Dirty words lost in translation

By nopantsadmin

There is so much regional variation in our language it is a wonder we understand each other at all. Though what interests me most is when words diverge into two paths, often close enough to be confused, and why so many of these words are so very naughty.

When Your Data Lets You Down

By nopantsadmin

Even a small site with relatively few visitors will have produced useful data, which should start to give you a picture of which people visit your site, why they have come and how they got there.

Hello, possums!

By nopantsadmin

How does a quick trip to the shops end with me returning home two hours late, covered in possum excrement and having had my brand new phone stolen? Welcome to the wacky world of Lyndal Cairns, professional bleeding heart and occasional wildlife rescuer.

Voting with your tweet

By Lyndal Cairns

Democrat and Republican campaigns are personalizing their messages for you using huge amounts of information, including data you thought was private.